How do I create a Leadazzle link?

To create a Leadazzle link:

  • Go to the dashboard and click on "Create Page". This takes you to the editor.
  • In the editor, select the type of page you want in the drop-down menu at the top of the sidebar.
    • Email Capture; shows visitors an opt-in form where you can ask them to submit their email address.
    • Click-Thru; sends visitors to a website you designate if they click on your call to action button.
  • Enter the "Destination URL". This is the URL to 3rd-party content that your visitors may be interested in. Examples could be blog posts written by others, news articles, resources, etc.
  • Enter a "Message". This is where you make your offer to your visitor. Write a compelling message that would encourage them to either give you their email address or click on your Click-Thru button.
  • Enter your "Call To Action". This is what you want your visitor to do. Examples could be "Subscribe", "Sign Up", "Visit Us", "Learn More", etc. This should be short and action-oriented.
  • If you selected the "Click-Thru" type, enter the "Click-Thru URL". This is the URL where you want to send your visitor if they click on your "Call To Action" button. Examples could be a link to your website, your product page, your Facebook page, etc.
  • Optionally, you can click on the "More Options" link at the bottom of the sidebar to reveal additional options.
    • Enter a "Name" to be used to easily identify your Leadazzle link in the dashboard. This name is for internal use only and is not shown to your visitors.
    • If you have set up a Brand in "Settings", you can select it here to show on your page.
  • Save your changes by clicking on the "Create Page" button.

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